CrystalView DVI Micro LT

Fiber Extender • DVI • Multi-mode or Single-mode

Product Picture
  • Supports single-link DVI video
  • Miniature style directly connects to PC and Monitor
  • Video resolution up to 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz, at 1500 feet (500m)
  • Duplex LC type connector on unit connects to two multi-mode fibers
  • Auto-detect EDID information


CrystalView Micro LT works with either multi-mode or single-mode fiber with duplex LC type connectors. The compact design transmits a DVI-D video signal up to 4920 feet (1500m) over single-mode fiber, and up to 1640 feet (500m) over multi-mode fiber. The unit comes in a sturdy metal enclosure and plugs directly to the PC and the monitor at each end, with no local video cables required. The unit has a built-in EDID table and the ability to load EDID from a connected monitor.

It is an ideal product for remote monitoring of large digital displays, building to building transmissions, digital signage, and military and aerospace applications. Intended for use with any high resolution flat panel display, the unit is plug-and-play with a painless installation.


Dimensions (W x D x H) 1.535" x 2.123" x 0.575" (39 x 54 x 14.6 mm)
Weight 0.6 lb (0.25 kg)
Power 100-240 VAC 50-60Hz Transmitter: Powered by computer DVI or by optional +5V external adapterReceiver: 100-240 VAC 50-60Hz, External adapter, +5V DC, 0.8A 5W
Distance 1920 x 1200 @60Hz: 4,920' (1500m) SM1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz: 1640' (500m) MM
Connectors Transmitter:Single-link DVI video: DVI male direct plug inFiber: Duplex multi-mode or single-mode fiber with LC duplex connectorReceiver:Single-link DVI video: DVI male direct plug inFiber: Duplex multi-mode or single-mode fiber with LC duplex connector
Environment Operating temperature: 32°F–122°F (0°C–50°C)Storage temperature: -4°F–158°F (-20°C–70°C)Relative humidity: 0%–80%, non-condensing


Product Part Number Description
CRK-T1DFXDM-DLT Single-link DVI-D Fiber Extender to 1920*1200. Accepts single-mode (1,500m) and multi-mode (500m).


Datasheet • CrystalView DVI Micro LT PDF
Manual • CrystalView DVI Micro LT • Installation and Operation PDF