UltraVista Pro

Video Wall Image Processor

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Product Picture 2U CHASSIS
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  • Hardware based, OS-free architecture for real time image quality and reliability
  • Input video input formats include VGA, YpbPr, CVBS, DVI Single and Dual Link, HDMI, SDI, and DisplayPort
  • Output video formats include VGA, DVI Single and Dual Link, HDMI, and SDI
  • Input resolutions up to 1920x1200@60Hz or 3840x2400@30Hz for 4K input cards
  • Output resolutions to 1920x1200@60Hz or 3840x2400@30Hz for 4K output cards
  • HDMI inputs are HDCP compliant
  • Multi-screen management to support multiple displays with different resolutions
  • Control software supports user presets and user preview of all input signals in real time
  • Background underlay on to which video tiles can be laid
  • Fonts, color, and size of OSD can be edited
  • Seamless switching with millisecond response time
  • Image cropping allows any size and position of inputs on output displays
  • Bezel compensation feature to compensate for displays edge characteristics
  • Available with redundant power supplies


The UltraVista Pro Image Processing Video Wall is a state of the art tool for creating multiple screen video displays. Support for a wide range of input signal types, as well as its ability to create multiple groups of output screens with different characteristics makes it a significant advancement over traditional video wall equipment.

Windows based configuration software allows the formation of multi-display screens with up to four different video sources displayed concurrently, either side by side or as a picture in picture overlay.

Input images can be cropped for display, or zoomed for emphasis. Up to 32 such configurations can be named and saved for recall as needed. Saved configurations can also be displayed sequentially in a loop.

Hardware input and output cards are modular and hot swappable, for both flexibility and convenience. Optional load sharing power supplies are available for critical applications.

UltraVista Pro is available in different chassis models that support either two windows or four windows per output screen.


(W x D x H)
Chassis 2U: 17.2" x 15" x 3.5" (438 x 380 x 89 mm) 2UChassis 4U: 17.2" x 15" x 7" (438 x 380 x 178 mm) 4UChassis 8U: 17.2" x 15" x 14" (438 x 380 x 356 mm) 8UChassis 14U: 17.2" x 15" x 24.5" (438 x 380 x 623 mm) 14U
Weight Chassis 2U: 12 lb (5.5 kg)Chassis 4U: 24 lb (10.9 kg)Chassis 8U: 48 lb (21.8 kg)Chassis 14U: 80 lb (36.4 kg)
Power 100-240 VAC 50-60Hz Chassis 2U: 150 max WChassis 4U: 300 max WChassis 8U: 600 max WChassis 14U: 1000 max W
Resolution Video In:DVI-D: Single-Link 1920x1200@60HzDVI-D: Dual-Link(4K), 3840x2400@30HzVGA: 1920x1200YPbPr, CVBSHDMI: 1920x1200SDI: 720p / 1080pHDBase T: 1920x1200DisplayPort 1.1, (4K) :3840x2400Video Out:DVI-D: Single-Link 1920x1200@60HzDVI-D: Dual-Link(4K), 3840x2400@30HzVGAYPbPr, CVBSHDMI 1.4 (4K), SDI, HDBase T
Distance Video: 25 feet (7.6m)
Connectors Video in: DVI-D single linkDVI-D Dual link (4K)HD15 (VGA)HDMIBNC (SDI)DisplayPort (4K)RJ45 (HDBaseT)LC Fiber (Single mode)Video out:DVI-I (DVI and VGA)DVI-D Dual link (4K)HDMI, HDMI (4K)BNC (SDI)RJ45 (HDBase T)LC Fiber (Single mode)Power: Barrel jackConfig: RS232 DB9, RJ45 Ethernet
Controls Windows PC via RS232 or TCP/IPPIP mode
Environment Operating temperature: 32°F–104°F (0°C–40°C)Storage temperature: 14°F–122°F (-10°C–50°C)Relative humidity: 5%–80%, non-condensing


Product Part Number Description
VWL-CH-DP02 Chassis 2U, 2 windows/output
VWL-CH-DP04 Chassis 4U, 2 windows/output
VWL-CH-QP04 Chassis 4U, 4 windows/output
VWL-CH-DP08 Chassis 8U, 2 windows/output
VWL-CH-QP08 Chassis 8U, 4 windows/output
VWL-CH-DP14 Chassis 14U, 2 windows/output
Input Cards:
VWC-IC-DPQP-04DVI 4 ports, DVI, single link
VWC-IC-DPQP-04VGA 4 ports, VGA
VWC-IC-DPQP-04SDI 4 ports, SDI
VWC-IC-DPQP-04HDB 4 ports, HDBaseT
VWC-IC-DPQP-04FSM 4 ports, Single mode fiber
VWC-IC-DPQP-02DDL-4K 4 ports, DVI, dual link (4K)
VWC-IC-DPQP-02DP11-4K 4 ports, DisplayPort (4K)
Output Cards
VWC-OC-DPQP-04SDI 4 ports, SDI
VWC-OC-DPQP-04HDB 4 ports, HDBaseT
VWC-OC-DPQP-04FSM 4 ports, Single mode fiber
VWC-OC-QP-02DDL-4K 4 ports, DVI, dual link (4K)
VWC-OC-QP-02HD-4K 4 ports, HDMI 1.4 (4K)


Datasheet • UltraVista Pro PDF
Manual • UltraVista Pro • Installation and Operation PDF