MultiStation CATx

Two kvm Stations Share a Computer via CATx

  • Two users share one CPU
  • Deploy keyboard, monitor, and mouse up to 1,000 feet from a CPU
  • Automatic video compensation/equalization
  • Optional skew adjustments
  • Video resolution up to 1920 x 1440
  • Miniature chassis

Typical Application

MultiStation CATx application


MultiStation CATx is a sharing device that will extend two kvm user stations up to 1000 feet from one CPU over CATx cable. This unique product allows two users located at two different workstations to access the same computer - one at a time. The two users can't use the computer at once, but must wait until one user relinquishes control in order to have access. It supports VGA video resolution up to 1920 x 1200 and automatically performs cable length compensation and skew adjustments to produce a high quality crystal clear picture, with the ability to fine tune video equalization and gain with simple keyboard commands.

Multistation CATx is offered in two models:

  • PS/2 Dual Access Unit – Allows 1 user to control the computer at a time with a 2 second delay between transferring control
  • USB Dual Access Unit – Allows both users to control the computer with no delay


(W x D x H)
Transmitter: 1.3" x 1.75" x 1.3" (33 x 44.5 x 33 mm)
Receiver: 2.68" x 2.65" x 1" (68 x 67 x 25.4 mm)
Weight Transmitter: 0.15 lbs (0.07 kgs)
Receiver: 0.15 lbs (0.07 kgs)
Power Transmitter: 5V DC powered by computer
Receiver: 90-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
External adapter, 5V, 1A
Transmitter: 5W
Receiver: 5W
Resolution VGA: 1920 x 1440
Distance Up to 1000' (300m)
Connectors Transmitter:
VGA video: HD15M
PS2 keyboard/mouse: Two mini-din6 male cable for direct plug-in
USB keyboard/mouse: USB A male cable for direct plug-in
VGA video: HD15F
PS2 keyboard/mouse: One PS/2 mini-din6F with included Y cable
USB keyboard/mouse: Two USB Type A receptacle
Power: Barrel jack
Controls Status LED: Yellow
Link LED: Green
Environment Operating temperature: 32°F–113°F (0°C–45°C)
Storage temperature: -13°F–140°F (-25°C–60°C)
Relative humidity: 5%–80%, non-condensing

Part numbers

Product Part NumberDescription
MLK-TMDVPRAVPTwo Users to 1 CPU, PS/2, VGA Kit: 1 transmitter & 2 receivers
MLK-TMDVURAVUTwo Users to 1 CPU, USB, VGA Kit: 1 transmitter & 2 receivers
-WAutomatic Skew Adjustment Option